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This is the homepage of the package Ott-Orgel, the first freely available complete organ for Hauptwerk from a third person. You can download the package, read the documentation and listen to some examples. Finally you can download Templates for CD jacket, CD cover and CD sticker.

The Ott-Organ was mentioned in the german magazine "PC & Musik" in the issue 4/2004 ( The article from Manfred Müller-Späth can be downloaded from this website. Unfortunatly no english translation is available.

These are some quotes of people who downloaded this organ (used with permission):

I'm very excited about hearing the rest of the instrument. The Gedackt sounds really very good indeed.
       Martin Dyde (, Birmingham (England).

What an absolute joy to play! Congratulations indeed - a delightful little instrument.
       Martin Dyde (, Birmingham (England).

I liked the 4' Rohrfloete and the 2' Principal. Both were very clear examples of their pipe genre. All in all, a nice simple organ with no frills and a pretty good copy of the original I would imagine.
       BrentonB, Adelaide (South Australia)

What a nice gift!
       James Pressler (, Los Angeles (U.S.A.).

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