Please note: This is only a translation (see §1.4).

§0 Intention of the license. This license is intended to serve the purpose of regulating the rights and obligations of the licensee. Because it is written by a non-expert, it is most probably incomplete and contains parts that are not up to juridical standards. Because of this the license is to be understood by its intentions. The licensee gets rights which draw some obligations with them. Whether the licensee uses these rights is up to himself, but if he refuses this license or parts of it, he may not take any of these rights.

§1 General things

§1.1 Matter. This license applies to the package "Ott-Orgel" and its usage, where the package "Ott-Orgel" is a processed recording of an organ which is prepared for the use with the program "Hauptwerk" and all the additional files. In the following the package will be only called "the package".

§1.2 Invalidity of individual declarations. Should a declaration of a paragraph of this license be invalid, all other declarations and paragraphes are still valid.

§1.3 No warranty. Because the rights are offered for no cost there is no right of warranty of any kind. Especially it is not guaranteed that this package is complete, finished or in any way usable. It is provided "as it is". Should the licensee or a third person have any financial, physical or other damage by this package, or should data get lost, the costs are to be carried by the licensee or the third person. The licenser gives the package to the licensee after his best knowledge and conciense.

§1.4 Translations. The german version of the license is valid. A english version of the license is provided to provide a easier understanding, but this translation has no legal consequences.

§2 Usage

§2.1 Installation on private computers. The licensee may install this package on as many private accessible computers as he likes, if each and every time the package is complete with this license.

§2.2 Installation on public accessible computers. The licensee may install this package on as many public accessible computers as he likes, if each and every time the package is complete with this license and in addition it is provided that at first third persons may copy the complete package and at second it is completly clear that all the files of this package belong together.

§2.3 Usage. The licensee may use this package to perform pieces of music privately and publicly. If a recording is made (be it through the internal recording function fo the program "Hauptwerk" or externally), this is also allowed. In this case a reference copy of the recording for the licenser is asked for, but voluntarily.

§2.4 Change. The licensee may not change the package. Should error corrections be necessary, the licenser will consider these and decide freely to do them or not.

§2.5 Usage of parts. Should the licensee want to use parts of this package (for example a stop or individual pipes) in another relation (for example in another package), he needs to have the permission of the licenser before doing so. Usually this will require the licensee to send a reference copy of the new package to the licenser after finishing it.

§3 Passing on

§3.1 Permission to pass on. This package may be passed on for no charge, if at first this passing on is for no charge or for a nominal copy fee, where it needs to be made clear to whom the package is passed on that this fee is for copying, and at second this package is complete and unchanged.

§3.2 Licence while passing on. Who gets this package passed on needs to accept the license of the licenser. Who passes the package on is not the new licenser, but the initial licenser.

§3.3 Combination with other products. It is not allowed to sell this package together with other products if this package enhances the value of that product much.

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